Specifi Presentations

We hold FREE presentations to help get you started with Specifi. This is an opportunity to meet one of our Specifi Engineers and find out first-hand how our software can help you and your business.

Suitable for Architectural Designers, Architects, Draughtspeople, Building Companies, LBP members and Engineers – or anyone in the building industry that is interested to learn more.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is Specifi and how it works.
  • How Specifi saves you time by supporting your engineering design in house.
  • How Specifi can save you money in engineering fees.
  • How to mark up your online engineering to on-charge to your clients, so you and your business can profit from doing your own engineering through Specifi.
  • How Specifi works with a full mock project run through so you can see exactly how to start and finish a complete project in the software.
PLUS, an informal Q&A with our facilitator to finish.

1.5 hours

Jared McPherson – Software Support/Sales Engineer.

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