Structural Engineering

Designing residential engineering solutions has never been faster, or more affordable.

Specifi, the complete New Zealand online structural engineering software, allows you to design intelligent residential engineering solutions in-house for a wide range of structural elements without consulting directly with a professional engineer, saving you time and money.

The engineering solution you design will undergo Quality Assurance by our team of qualified engineers within two working days. You’ll then receive industry-leading final documentation, endorsed by territorial authorities, ready for submission. This mitigates any risk or liability from you and your business - it’s exactly the same as if you had used an engineer directly. There is no additional risk or liability when you use Specifi.

You can design as many engineering solutions as you like - pay just one fee for Quality Assurance and final documentation.

Structural Elements

With Specifi, you can design beams, lintels, cantilevering elements, ridge beams, rafters, purlins, joists, subfloor bearers, subfloor load bearing joists, face loaded members, sill trimmers, portal frames, beams supporting other beams (point loads) and all associated connections - and more!

Specifi’s intelligent and intuitive software automatically makes calculations to ensure the structural elements you design meet New Zealand building codes and practices - and that all loads ‘go to ground’ to meet regulations.


Specifi allows you to design a range of foundations including TC1 and TC2 systems, standard and monolithic concrete, thickened slab edge, timber subfloors, masonry block foundation walls, waffle slab, strip masonry and beam grillage. Ground improvement options are available and additional details such as shower rebates, underfloor heating and control joints can be included.


Specifi will only provide options for materials that comply with the structural elements you design. Available materials include steel (universal channels, universal beams and columns), timber, glulam and laminated veneer lumber (LVL). Suitable elements are presented in a table showing width, height and deflections so you can make the most informed choice for your project.

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