Specifi Features

Full System Design

Specifi was developed by experienced, professional New Zealand engineers and provides complete online residential engineering solutions for all your structural elements and foundation needs. Highly efficient, precise, and safe, Specifi provides you with a comprehensive suite of industry-leading documentation - and the ability to design engineering solutions instantly, to keep your project moving forward.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance processes are built-in to Specifi. So once you’ve finished designing your engineering solution, it will undergo Quality Assurance by a qualified Specifi structural engineer within two working days of it being submitted. This mitigates any risk or liability from you and your business, providing complete peace of mind - it’s exactly the same as if you had used an engineer directly. Once Quality Assurance is complete, you will be notified that your final documentation is available to download.

No additional risk or liability

There is no additional risk or liability to you when using Specifi. In fact, our process significantly reduces any room for human error. Once you have input your designs into Specifi, our fully qualified, professional and chartered engineers review your work to ensure the design fits, that there are no better options and will give feedback if they feel it is needed. Once we’re completely satisfied and QA is completed, the final documentation is issued. This all takes just two workings days and if at any time you want to speak to one of our team members in person, they are only a phone call away.

It’s the same process as if you were using an external engineer – only faster.

Engineering Support

Specifi’s online engineering software is supported by our team of fully qualified, professional and chartered New Zealand engineers, who will provide Quality Assurance within two working days of you submitting your structural element designs. And when you use Specifi, you’re never alone - our engineers are readily available for any enquiries or support via phone or email.


Our aim is to raise the quality of engineering design and provide industry-leading documentation in New Zealand. Specifi’s documentation has been developed in consultation with territorial authorities to ensure full compliance. Project and design summaries, project specific documentation (including specifications, details, calculations, Quality Assurance summaries, Producer Statements (PS1) and LBP forms), are provided along with a QR code to ensure you’re always reading the latest set of documents. They are generated immediately so you’re ready to submit everything you require for consent.

Additional Design

If you require bespoke engineering solutions that are outside Specifi’s scope, our team of experienced, professional engineers are available to design these for you. The engineering solutions will be seamlessly and efficiently integrated into your project documentation alongside any structural elements you have already designed using Specifi. Simply send us an engineering request and we’ll be in contact to work together with you on it.

Self-Site Checks

You can also save even more time by becoming a Verified User and undertaking site inspections yourself, and completing an online checklist for the issue of a PS4 (Producer Statement for Construction Review). This checklist is specifically generated for your project and covers all the elements you have designed. This process meets all regulatory industry requirements. To become a Verified Specifi User, you must hold either NZIA, CPEng or LBP (Design L1, 2 or 3) or LBP (Site Level 1, 2 or 3).