Specifi Workshops

The Specifi Workshop is a classroom style set up. Bring your laptop and a residential project, with any reports that go with it [e.g. Geotechnical ] We will host small groups and tutor you through your project from start to finish. If you don’t have a current project on the books, we can supply some sample ones.

The aim of the Workshop is to offer one on one assistance to get you really proficient at using Specifi. Our Engineers Damian and Jared will walk you through at your pace so you are confident and can get your engineering solution out of Specifi in the most efficient way. Of course any and all questions you may have will be discussed either one on one, or with the small group. We will be guided by attendees at each Workshop on what direction your work is taking you in Specifi and how we can best support you.

If you’re interested, we are taking registrations of interest NOW to plan for venue and time slots.

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